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Crimescreen is more than just a background checking company.  With years experience concerning the hiring and property management processes, we position ourselves as a knowledgeable partner to aid you in the challenges of hiring safe, honest, competent employees and upstanding tenants.  We can help you review policies, job descriptions and leasing agreements as well as provide specific aid in developing legal interview and application questions.  We will help you determine how to build background screening into your hiring and leasing strategies.  We will provide your firm with up-to-date forms and important legal information necessary to make an informed decision about an applicant.


Crimescreen provides a full range of pre-employment and tenant screening solutions. We have access to all of the 3,300 courts nationwide, all three credit bureaus, worldwide reference and credentials information, all US motor vehicle departments, and the largest collection of workers' compensation information available. We offer many instant services as well as drug testing and assessment products to enhance your ability to determine whether you have a solid match or not.  Through the use of state of the art technology and a nationwide network of local researchers, Crimescreen provides the most current, accurate, and compliant information available throughout the country at prices meeting or beating our competition.


Order and retrieve using our on-line web connection or by facsimile. We are only a phone call away to answer any questions you may have concerning product availability, pricing or turnaround times. We do not charge an initial sign-up/access fee nor are there any monthly minimum ordering requirements.  Simply fill out our service agreement, obtain a user name/number and password, and begin requesting reports via the Internet or fax. Fast, inexpensive and convenient set Crimescreen apart from all other screening companies.

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