The Crimescreen Team

Seasoned executive leadership gives Crimescreen a scope of HR and Personnel knowledge and experience that is unique among screening service providers. This powerful team gives Crimescreen a competitive advantage in understanding the issues, it's clients as well as existing and potential opportunities within the industry. Crimescreen recognizes that staff quality and motivation are key elements in meeting the needs of our clients. Highly skilled, motivated personnel are a fundamental element in the continued growth and success of the company. The primary focus of Crimescreen personnel programs has been, and continues to be, work-force stability and long-term retention. Staff at all levels of the organization bring significant hands-on experience making the potential for risk free hiring and leasing a reality.

Our Executive Team

This leadership team is responsible for formulating, coordinating and implementing all management initiatives. Their combined background includes significant experience in the personnel and technical consulting industries.

This entire team has served since Crimescreen's inception, and has proactively developed/implemented a business that brings the power of good information to decision-makers in the HR and management sectors. Down to each individual they believe that the fundamental role of information plays a large part in protecting individuals and businesses from the risk of an uninformed decision. This ideal provides a foundation for each decision made concerning the future of Crimescreen.

Our executive team has a deep commitment to the responsible use of the information that we provide (and who we provide it to) and thoroughly understands the need for extensive privacy measures to protect the individuals' rights.


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