Crimescreen began as Com Quest USA, Inc. in 1996. The founders have extensive experience in court research, investigations of all types, and most importantly screening and disseminating criminal history information. We know how difficult it can be to find a reliable vendor to serve you in an accurate and timely manner. Here at Crimescreen, we set ourselves apart from our competition by putting ourselves in your shoes and handling our accounts in a professional and personal way.

Since 1996 Crimescreen has grown to be one of the premier screening companies in the United States. Crimescreen has supported forward thinking business executives since its inception. Today, Crimescreen has an affiliate network of over over 1500 researchers and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Pre-Employment Screening

The foundation of the Crimescreen business is its pre-employment screening practice. Since the beginning our business development strategy was to provide the best quality and accuracy to Human Resource and Risk Management departments nationwide to insure safe and reliable hires.

Tenant Screening

Crimescreen began offering Property Management firms as well as individual landlords alike the ability to perform complete background searches via our automated process. Our clients could now instantly screen potential renters and lessee's online.

The Crimescreen Team

Seasoned executive leadership gives Crimescreen a scope of HR and Personnel knowledge and experience that is unique among screening service providers. This powerful team gives Crimescreen a competitive advantage in understanding the issues, it's clients as well as existing and potential opportunities within the industry. Crimescreen recognizes that staff quality and motivation are key elements in meeting the needs of our clients. Highly skilled, motivated personnel are a fundamental element in the company’s continued growth and success. The primary focus of Crimescreen personnel programs has been, and continues to be, work-force stability and long-term retention. Staff at all levels of the organization bring significant hands-on experience…this combined experience makes the potential for risk free hiring and leasing a reality.

Please take a moment to compare our prices, speed and accuracy with other providers. We think that between the obvious difference in business philosophy, prices, excellent customer service, and extensive knowledge of the industry you will make Crimescreen your choice.

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