Sound Leasing Decisions in Seconds

Make sound leasing decisions in seconds with our unique, powerful combination instant credit and instant criminal check reports (instant criminal checks available in most states). Quickly reduce losses from bad checks, damages, thefts, and skips.

Instant applicant approval
Sample Tenant Package

Reduce turnover and lease to more desirable tenants!

Instant Credit

Many of our searches are instant and fully automated. You can get instant results on many statewide searches, credit reports, past address history traces, and more. Official, easy to read Credit Reports and Past Address Histories in less than 20 seconds.

Why waste time? Crimescreen goes direct to the credit bureaus for your important financial risk analysis. If your current tenant or employment screening provider cannot give you instant access to Credit Report and Past Address History information, then you need to sign up with Crimescreen to get the service you need and deserve.

Tenant Packages

Basic: SSN/Address history and Credit Report.

Plus: County Criminal in most recent county of residence, SSN/Address history and Credit Report.

Total: County Criminal in most recent county of residence, State Criminal, SSN/Address history, Credit Report and References.


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