Account Set Up

Please read and complete the Screening Services Agreement (link) and fax it back to us to establish an Open Account. Please Allow 24-48 hours to process your open account request. Once received, an Account Representative will contact you.

Background Checks

Read, become familiar with, and maintain on file, copies of the FCRA. A Copy of the entire text of the FCRA has been made available to you through the Federal Trade Commission web site.

A release form has been made available to you to keep on file as well as fax to us when a report request manadtes release information.
A) The applicant should complete an
Authorization for Release of Information
B) If references are being checked or verifications performed, provide the applicant/employee with their Summary of Rights (summary_rights.doc)

Free Downloadable Employment Application w/Release

click here for the combined application/release form

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